1) Pallet Breaker, Floorboard Lifter, Tile Batten Lifter. Click here

Pallet Breaker

2) Batten Lifter, Tile Batten Lifter. Click here

Batten Lifter

3) Manual Log Splitters
Split logs in safety, quickly and with little effort Click here

Large Log Splitter

4) O C Outdoors-:
Home of the Fire-Spout portable wood burning stove Click here

In 3 minutes a roaring fire

5) O C Fabrications-:
Beautiful brushed finish stainless steel. Any size made to order. Get a quote in minutes. Click here

4) Free maths program for primary school children-: Click here.

Its does Addition, Subtraction, Times Table, Multiplying, and Division
If you would like a free version of this program goto
Click on the link and it will install the program on your computer
NOTE you will NOT be able to install this on a school or large organisations computer only the IT dept can.